A New Chapter

It's time for a real change in home building and energy conservation


You've heard it said, "if you keep doing what you've always done you'll keep getting what you've always gotten."  This is also true with how our homes are built.  We want to help take the quality and the energy efficiency of our homes to another level.  


Thrive Home Builders  is one of the nation's leading home builders in energy efficiency and healthy, sustainable living. Building exclusively to the Zero Energy Ready Home standards set by the DOE, Thive is leading the way to the future of home building.    

We’re a different
kind of company.

Yes, we’re in the business of building remarkable homes and enduring communities but we’re different—very different. You’ll know it when you meet us. You’ll sense it as we work together and you will soon add it to your list of reasons why you choose to live in a McStain home.

We take what we believe seriously. We call it our McStain Manifesto, and can hold us accountable to our promises.