Conceptual Project Site Plan

The initial charrette was conducted over 7 days and included 9 public meetings, many with city staff and subject matter experts including traffic engineering, transportation planning, natural resources, affordable housing, utilities, leading edge home builders, Poudre School District, industry leading residential and commercial brokers, Nature in the City, local residents, and so much more.  Since then the plan has been updated with constant feedback informing improvements including the park, the farm, the school sites, the stormwater system, the irrigation ponds and many many other areas.  


The result of this inclusive and ongoing process is a visionary master plan in keeping with the world class  Fort Collins community.  Montava will carry forward and build upon city  values incorporating  culture, environment, lifestyle, and economy, that have made Fort Collins one of the great cities of the United States.


**This plan is an ongoing work in progress, and should continue to be considered conceptual in nature.