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Great architecture and design are hallmarks of New Urbanist communities. Buildings should be mixed in their size, style, price and function. For example, a townhouse can be placed next to a larger, single family home. When properly designed this is not only doable, but preferable. Mixed-use buildings such as those containing commercial with apartments above can also be ideal in this setting. All of this combined with a strong emphasis on design, quality, and place making are why New Urbanist communities are far from conventional.



Fort Collins has long been dedicated to creating top notch infrastructure for biking and walking. This will be no different in NE FoCo as it developes. Planning a community from the ground up provides a wonderful opportunity to build well designed, thoughtful connections throughout the entire sub area. This is one of the cornerstones of New Urbanism.

Image by Ana Dujmovic

Affordable Housing

In line with Fort Collins values, approximately 400 affordable homes from rental to ownership will provide a chance to live in Montava across a wide income spectrum. Our goal is to enable a truly diverse community across all income, age, background and ideas.

Image by Blake Wheeler

Zero Energy Ready Home Standard

The DOE ZERH standard provides a superior home owner experience, as well as helping to meet Fort Collins Climate Action Plan goals. ZERH standards enable outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health and durability.


Community Events

Another hallmark of New Urbanism is significant investment in community events. It is not uncommon to see Thursday night Pizza and movies at the farm, or parades, musicals and plays, emphasis on the arts, and more in New Urbanist communities. This adds to the richness of the fabric of our lives together.

Image by Cathal Mac an Bheatha

Natural Areas

An important part of City Plan and the MVSA plan is providing Natural Area access to people in Northeast Fort Collins. Part of that plan will be our partnership with the Natural Areas department to restore almost 150 acres of storm water land into a dual use Natural Area for community and wildlife benefit. This will be connected with the Farm through a trail network, providing almost 200 acres of open space and Natural Areas in NE Fort Collins.


New Urbanism

Norton Commons, a community planned by DPZ, demonstrates the structure of a complete community. This includes a wide variety of mixed diverse housing, shops and community services, fire station, YMCA, schools, businesses and more. When compared to the conventional development on the left, the difference is obvious.


Agri-Urban Community

We have lost touch with our food; where it comes from, how it's grown, who grows it. We've also lost touch with real community in many ways. Montava, woven together with a world class farming operation like Native Hill and the Poudre Valley Community Farms organization, has a chance to meet these opportunities head on. Wonderful examples include Serenbe, Willowsford Farms, Agritopia, Hendrick Farm, and more.


Townhomes on the farm at Hendrick Farm

This beautiful setting exists in Hendrick Farm, a DPZ designed New Urbanist and agriurban commuity in Canada.


Craftsman Builders

Builder partners in New Urbanist communities are committed to the highest standards of beauty, efficiency and design. All while delivering homes that fit the market place. How is that possible? It takes intentionality, the right plan and the right partners. That is our commitment. The builders who partner to create Montava are second to none.


Dark Sky Compliant

Being able to see the stars at night is an important part of urban life. This is accomplished by adopting lighting plans and fixtures that eliminate light polution. We gladly have adopted the dark sky compliance guidelines for all of Montava.

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