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New Urbanism is a planning and development approach based on the principles of how cities and towns had been built for the last several centuries: walkable blocks and streets, housing and shopping in close proximity, and accessible public spaces. In other words: New Urbanism focuses on human-scaled urban design. 

This is the approach we have embraced with Montava.  It is safer, healthier, more sustainable, and more connected.   What does thriving look like?  Let's find out together!

The Project Site Plan

Fort Collins has been planning the northeast sub area for over 20 years.  The development team has been committed from the beginning to make Montava the living embodiment of those plans and goals. Serving the needs of the entire NEFC community, this master plan includes everything needed for the self sufficient vitality of a community.  

Natural areas, schools, parks and trails, a working organic farm, commercial services, gathering places and homes of all types and sizes will make Northeast Fort Collins a very special place to live.  

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