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The Genesis of Montava

Montava will be a uniquely soulful community in Northern Colorado, but its creation is built on the backs of many others. One of those model communities that paved the way for AgriUrban living is called Agritopia in Gilbert, AZ. A few weeks ago we stoped by Agritopia for lunch and to see how it has progressed through the years.

This vibrant neighborhood boasts a working farm at its center, offering residents the unique opportunity to engage in community-supported agriculture and cultivate their own plots. With its emphasis on fresh produce, pedestrian-friendly design, and a sense of community, Agritopia has become a celebrated model for blending modern living with agricultural traditions. Montava owes a lot of our planning to the visionaries behind Agritopia and it was special to see it after many years of growth. It’s also helpful to dream about what Montava will one day look like.

If you are ever in the Phoenix area go check out Agritopia!


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