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Welcome to Montava

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Montava is a community built on over 20 years of planning and generations of passion. Montava is a complete community focused on connecting people to their food, the environment, to nature and to each other.


We are a community built on innovation that is inevitable in a world class university town.  Colorado State University is at the heart of this incredibly unique, comfortable, contagiously ambitious community that is Fort Collins.

A Complete Community

Connected | Mixed Use | Diverse

Far from a typical neighborhood of houses, a complete community is a planning concept that aims to meet the basic needs of all residents in a community through integrated land use planning, transportation planning, and community design.  Where diversity across a wide range of age, income, culture and ideas is enabled.

The Montava Builders Guild

How do you build a community with a soul?  It takes more than houses, but it certainly cannot happen without special home builders.  Builders who care about each other's success as much as their own. Builders working for decades in Colorado to deliver high performance homes before it was cool and required by codes; built around the shared values of energy efficiency, healthy design, lasting value and beauty.



We have partnered with Native Hill farm to manage the Montava Farm



Montava will occupy 1000 acres in Northeast Fort Collins, 3 miles from downtown Fort Collins and 4 miles from CSU.

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What is an Agri-Urban Community?

Productive | Beautiful | Educational

There is a rich history of agriculture in Fort Collins.  We are embracing this history by integrating true urban farming into the DNA of Montava.  By setting aside land that can be used to grow a wide variety of produce, we can foster people's connection with their food at this most basic level. With our partners at Native Hill Farm, Montava will become a sustaining influence for generations.

Let’s Talk.

We use the Cushman & Wakefield Residential Land Services Team


For development opportunities, please contact:


John Covert

Cushman & Wakefield



Mike Kboudi

Cushman & Wakefield


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