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Today we were waiting to enter the Native Hill Farm-stand and a woman behind me asked if we shopped here often. She said, "I live in Denver and am visiting family up here, they introduced me to this place yesterday and it's amazing. If it was close to my house, I'd be here every day."

How about if it was in your neighborhood and woven into the fabric of the community you lived in? That's one of our "first principles" of Montava, local food production in the community. The team at Native Hill has been doing this so well for many years. They are open every day with a wide variety of vegetables and fresh cut flowers in season. Managed with an "honor system" payment process, you walk in, pick up what you need, ring yourself out and off you go....awesome.

Imagine this with a few additional items such as local organic chicken, eggs, pork, bison. All at the farm, in your neighborhood.

After buying our vegetables at Native Hill we went to Natural Grocers to purchase a few more things we needed. I started wondering if we could have everything we were getting at Natural Grocers delivered to our door. When we got home I placed an order of the exact same products with Amazon/Whole Foods (located in Fort Collins) to test the prices and process. These groceries were delivered to our home in Windsor just a few hours later.

Just part of the delivered order from Whole Foods through Amazon. This is game changing.

Oh, and the cost of delivery equaled what we would have spent driving to Whole Foods ourselves.

The best part is, the eggs didn't break and the ice cream wasn't even melted.

OK........this is getting ridiculous!!


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