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A Big Thank You!

This week marked a significant milestone in making Montava a reality. We presented 18 months of work in a pre-application hearing that gave us an opportunity to share our vision and plans with the Fort Collins City Council.

"Thank you" to everyone for the trust shown in our team and plans Tuesday night. From every citizen who spoke, to the amazing Native Hill Farm team, to the City Council members and staff, it was a wonderful night of celebrating Fort Collins values.

As a land developer, our mission is to discover the highest and best use of the land for the community. Then we structure a team and a systematic process to try and make that vision a reality. Fortunately the people of Fort Collins have been working for 20 years creating a vision for the northeast part of town. We are able to stand on the shoulders of City Plan, the Climate Action Plan, the Mountain Vista Sub Area Plan and the work of many great leaders in this community. Our challenge is understanding how these plans and goals can be woven together into the fabric of a community.

As we enter the submittal phase of the project, we will continue to be transparent and engaging with everyone who has interest. The best way to predict the future is to create it, which is the opportunity before us. With our incredible team, and the values of the Fort Collins community leading the way, we are excited about the road ahead!

Montava City Pre Application Hearing


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