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Affordable Housing = Community Integration

What does this phrase "affordable housing" mean to you? It's a uniquely challenging topic that is becoming more prominent in our public discourse. My wife worked for Habitat for Humanity in Loveland for almost two years. That was an eye-opening experience into an amazing organization, and a community-wide challenge.

Our vision of Montava is an integrated community that doesn't just cater to one income level. It's a place where the hard working single mom of 3 can live across the street from the local bank president. Where kids from all backgrounds play in our parks, work in our farm, plant community gardens and go to churches and schools together.

For us, affordable housing is an integrated system that is a seamless part of our community fabric. We believe this can be done well, and beautifully, with a little extra effort and attention.

Building this layer of housing in a community is certainly a challenge, but almost everything of true value is. We will complete the vision, build the team, perfect the system, and execute. Much is happening on this important subject as we take an intentional approach. It may expand beyond Montava to the community as a whole as well. The ingredients are in place to do something special, and we welcome everyone who wants to join the effort!


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