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Art and Science

Great community planning requires a beautiful orchestration of art and science with a little math sprinkled in. The same principles apply to construction of individual homes. Many people are looking for alternatives to typical production homes being built in America today. Ideally these alternatives should combine timeless beauty and design with healthy construction methods for people and the environment.

While the US lags behind many countries for innovation in home construction, that is beginning to change. During our planning of Montava we always kept an eye on how we would be building the homes in this unique community. Make no mistake this is a difficult challenge, and we have never wanted to over promise and under deliver. Progress is being made however and I wanted to share two developing approaches that have exciting potential.

Two construction systems being applied today are called "panelized" and "modular". Panelization is primarily used for building single family homes in ways familiar to us. Essentially components of the home are built in a controlled environment to exacting standards and fit together on site with great efficiency and high quality. The homes in this video easily meet the DOE's Zero Energy Ready standard providing a comfortable and healthy living environment for generations. When P. Allen Smith acquired the Extreme Panel Company in 2020 a new chapter was opened combining high performance construction with beautiful design and architecture. Art and Science!

Over time modular construction will replace how we build multifamily projects, hotels etc. The example below is a factory built by one of Montava's investors to address the affordable housing crisis. Imagine a robotics factory that builds cars, but in this case it is building homes. It is incredible technology being used around the world, but Caleb Roope and his team at the Pacific Companies are bringing it front and center in the US.

This is "how".

This is "why"

Community building is not just about construction practices of course. If we can combine high performance construction with world renowned architecture and design, wonderful things are possible.


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