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I love when someone takes the complex and makes it simple. The chart below does that beautifully with challenging and relevant information. I am often asked “who is your target market?” The answer is “everyone”. A truly balanced community includes single mothers and fathers, traditional/non traditional families, young and old, wealthy and not wealthy, every race and belief that makes up who we are in America. As this chart shows, the underlying challenges we face together should nudge us toward new ways of thinking about how we do things.

When it comes to community building this means focusing on efficiency, proximity, innovation, eliminating waste all within a context of lasting design and beauty everywhere possible. It is not one big thing that makes a difference; it is 1000 smaller things. It’s where and how we build our homes, bringing the important places in our lives closer to where we live, conserving resources, creating partnerships, breaking down old systems and rebuilding them more efficiently. It takes everyone working together.

That's a good definition of community, and we would love for you to join us in the effort. Let’s work together to make a difference.


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