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Energy Efficient System

I've always been impressed by Matt Risinger out of Austin, he's such a great builder and shares awesome information about quality home construction.

Our radar is always on looking for examples of high energy effeciency construction because of Montava's commitment to ZERH. This is a simple video that shows a functioning mechanical room of a quality home being built in Canada. It describes everything from the importance of the envelope, insulation, air tightness, doors/windows, Dettson modulating HVAC, heat pump water heater, Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) system etc.

We've been working with Dettson modeling various home plans in Montava, so it's fun to see a builder using them.

For the "geeks" out there who like to see a little about how high efficiency quality construction works, here ya go. This is where to put a little extra investment in home construction.

Happy New Year!


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