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Natural Gas

The use of natural gas in our homes is a growing topic of conversation. There are three main ways we use natural gas:

1. Home and water heating systems

2. Cooktops

3. Fireplaces

With Fort Collins' commitment to reducing CO2 and our Climate Action Plan, what was once considered a clean burning energy source (compared to coal) is under increasing scrutiny.

Air and ground sourced heat pump technology for heating and cooling our homes is growing in popularity. Although these systems cost more than a natural gas based systems, the cost gap is shrinking. This technology replaces a natural gas furnace and often the water heater as well.

Today our fireplaces are usually burning natural gas. This may be the most difficult experience to replace.

Finally we have the cooktop. Induction cook tops are very intriguing as a natural gas alternative. In this short video, a great home builder in Austin named Matt Risinger shares 5 reasons to consider an induction cooktop in your kitchen. It is fascinating.

We would love your feedback on this topic. Please take a minute and share your thoughts in the poll linked you want natural gas in your future home or not?


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