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Progress Update

For almost 2 years our team has had the pleasure of working with the people of Fort Collins as we have planned the Montava development. The people of Fort Collins are a treasure, and your desires for what community looks like are very high. This is an energizing challenge to live up to, and we strive daily to do just that.

It has also been a tremendous opportunity to work very closely with the people on staff with the city. This city has some of the most talented and dedicated people I’ve ever been around. They work every day to build on the history of Fort Collins and enable the future goals and vision that city leadership has established. It is an incredible task!!

We have made great progress to date, but there are a few critical issues that remain. These last pieces will likely take some time to resolve before completing the PUD Master Plan process. While this may add a few months to the timeline, it is time and effort well spent in the long run. We are hoping to complete our approvals later this year.

Our team will keep the community up to date. You are always welcome to contact me directly at with any thoughts or concerns you may have.


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