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Shared Value

Recently we were asked to describe how the Montava development benefits the broader Fort Collins community, not just the future residents who would live there. We welcome this opportunity, as the Master Plan has its roots in community wide benefits. Montava is a reflection of Fort Collins inclusive, conservation-oriented values.

  • NEFC Infrastructure: Many residents along Country Club Road expressed deep concern about the existing infrastructure and lack of services in Northeast Fort Collins (NEFC). We agree, and Montava is key to enable upgrading the historically insufficient infrastructure, connectivity, amenities, and needed services. These existing issues may sit on the shelf for another 20 years without a catalyst providing the focus and energy to address them.

  • Capital Expansion Fees: Montava will generate over $50,000,000 in capital expansion fees to be invested in NEFC and all over the City funding roads, bridges, parks, fire/police facilities and more. 

  • Affordable Housing: Our development partner is The Pacific Companies, one of the nation’s leading developers of affordable housing. We are committed to building at least 600 units of affordable and workforce housing that benefit the entire Fort Collins community. These homes will be integrated into the fabric of Montava by design and are planned to span the range from rental to ownership in many varieties. This will foster partnerships across a wide spectrum of people and organizations focused on meeting the challenge of housing affordability.

  • Integrated Income Model: Montava can be a model for mixed-use and integrated mixed-income neighborhood development. We have committed to delivering 25% of our affordable/workforce housing with every 1,000 homes built. This approach supports our goal established in the beginning of Montava’s planning; true integration across incomes and housing types.

  • Community Agriculture: The Native Hill Farm @ Montava will be a 40-acre farm that benefits the broader Fort Collins community and can also serve as a cornerstone for a city wide “food shed” being incubated now. We have studied models around the country where local farming is integrated into the fabric of community and have incredible partners to implement this plan. Poudre Valley Community Farms and Native Hill Farm will help bring this to life.

  • Strategically Planned Schools: PSD Schools will be enabled, and strategically located to benefit students well beyond the boundaries of Montava. The elementary school site will be located in close proximity to the City’s Community Park, the Town Center, the Native Hill Farm and Natural Areas. It can be a hub of learning as unique as anywhere in the nation. A new elementary school in NEFC is also critical to relieving car traffic along Country Club Road.

  • Mixed Use Town Center: Building quality of life within short distances is key to development patterns of great places. Montava’s plan includes a Town Center to serve all NEFC and enable "nearby" life for both existing and future residents. It can also serve as a model for the redevelopment of historically conventional shopping centers in other parts of the City. Over time these centers should transition to mixed-use community life hubs as the inevitable happens to older retail models.

  • Multi Modal Development Pattern: The mixed-use transect oriented design used by DPZ enables community that “captures trips”. This means when people can get to their important places via multiple modes of transportation, we can eliminate the need to always use a car. This is a well-known primary benefit of new urbanist communities. If you would like to see a local example, go eat some BBQ at The Rib House in Prospect New Town in Longmont Colorado. Or have a great espresso in the Cavegirl Coffee House. Prospect New Town is a DPZ designed New Urbanist community.

  • Enable Critical Community Services: Montava’s design enables critical and valuable services that are missing in NEFC such as the next PFD fire station, medical facilities and services, City Recreation Center, Poudre River Public Library branch and more. This is more than just making space; it is how that space is planned, integrated, and accessible to the surrounding neighborhoods and region that is most important.

  • Potable Water Conservation Model: Montava can also be an innovation leader for potable water conservation. There is room for improvement of water conservation in fixtures, home design, technology and excessive use rate structures. With a little more care meaningful differences can be made. Conservation is an important shared value of the Fort Collins community.

  • Non-Potable Irrigation System Model: The development of a robust non-potable irrigation system integrated with native and xeric landscaping concepts can benefit beyond Montava.  Working with CSU, BHA Design and others we can create a community that maximizes the natural design beauty and efficiency of water conservation in its landscaping. This centrally managed system also enables innovative technology implementation such as fertigation with organic fertilizers and other innovations. It can be a model beyond the boundaries of Montava.

  • Environmental Impact: Montava will be a catalyst for sub-contractors to support the next level construction practices of Zero Energy Ready Homes. By adding significant scale of more energy-efficient construction practices, the experience base of the trades will grow making these practices more attainable for other builders in the City and region. Just as importantly, our largest environmental impact is where we live and how far that causes us to drive. New Urbanist development patterns in NEFC will substantially reduce the carbon footprint for thousands of future residents who would otherwise be forced to live outside the city and commute. Again, the idea is creating quality of life within short distances, and this has dramatic positive impacts on our carbon footprint.

  • Community Wealth Captured: Keeping wealth in our community by bringing businesses, jobs, and city taxes into Fort Collins is vital for all who live here. In addition to the capital expansion fees, Montava’s property and sales taxes will generate substantial income to the City general fund.

  • Public Spaces: We will be providing a variety of parks, plazas, playgrounds, and greenways walkable and bikeable from nearby neighborhoods as well as programming for events such as festivals, movies, and concerts that are accessible to all residents of NEFC.

  • Regional Storm Water System: The Master Plan manages significant off-site stormwater within Montava, generated in the NEFC region and beyond, which benefits the areas streams, canals, river and homes.

  • Natural Areas: Providing large and connected restored natural corridors is an integral part of the Montava master plan in partnership with Fort Collins Natural Areas.

  • Responsible Growth: We believe this is the definition of “responsible growth" which has been driving our planning from day 1.

Some might think this sounds too good to be possible, which is understandable. This is what we've spent years working on. I’ve often referred to Montava as a canvas enabling things that want to exist, but don’t have a place to do so. There is a tremendous need for wonderful, meaningful places in our society. We have simply worked to bring them to life in a master planned way for the benefit of everyone. That’s how Fort Collins rolls.....


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