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Thank You

We want to say “thank you” to the Fort Collins City Council for trusting our team this week with a 6-1 vote of approval for the Montava PUD. I have often said that Fort Collins is a very unique community being large and sophisticated enough to accomplish anything one can dream of, yet small enough where everyone cares about the details. There are not many places like that on earth.

This approval enables us to focus our attention on solving the remaining issues and begin the design and implementation phase of the plan. We have the most incredible team of town builders in America, and an opportunity to do special things together for both the current and future residents.

We are committed to build an inclusive community that brings together the widest possible breadth of backgrounds, income levels, values and experiences. We are committed to the conservation of our natural resources and being a model that helps others do the same. We are committed to doing this in the most affordable ways possible, analyzing every system in an effort to reduce costs not only for our residents but the community at large. We are committed to reconnecting thousands of people to the beauty and value of local food production. We are committed to a community that enables hands-on world-class education of our children, wonderful opportunities to connect with nature, public services and amenities that are accessible to all, bringing the meaningful places in our lives in close proximity. And of course, great coffee!!





Life Giving


Great Coffee!


There is so much to do, and we are excited to be focusing on what is next. We will keep working to earn your trust. Thank you!


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