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The Future of Work

A recent article in Inc. Magazine described the future work policy shared by the CEO of Siemens, Roland Busch. The new work strategy being espoused by one of the worlds largest and most innovative companies is consistent with a powerful trend happening around the world. That being a focus on outcomes not hours in an office, and trusting and empowering employees world wide. People will be able to live where they want, use technology to work together on teams with no boundaries.

"The basis for this forward-looking working model is further development [of] our corporate culture. These changes will also be associated with a different leadership style, one that focuses on outcomes rather than on time spent at the office. We trust our employees and empower them to shape their work themselves so that they can achieve the best possible results. With the new way of working, we're motivating our employees while improving the company's performance capabilities and sharpening Siemens' profile as a flexible and attractive employer."

Communities who enable this kind of work environment will thrive in the coming generations.

Places that.....

  • are college towns with innovation and vigor built into their DNA

  • provide unique lifestyle opportunities (hint...Colorado)

  • offer world class technology infrastructure

  • value local food production, and practice what we preach.

  • build walkable communities where you aren't forced into a car to go to the grocery store, the doctor, the library, or to get some good BBQ.

  • are multi-generational

  • have been intentionally integrated socioeconomically

  • where electricity is renewable, homes are built to Zero Energy Ready standards, the indoor air is clean, the environment is cared for.

  • value everyone

The future of work may very well be towns like Fort Collins, and communities like Montava.


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