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The Missing Middle

You may hear it referred to as "attainable housing" or the "missing middle housing", but these phrases are capturing a return to old ideas. We think that is a beautiful thing.

If you Google "missing middle housing” you find this definition:

Missing Middle is a range of multi-unit or clustered housing types compatible in scale with single-family homes that help meet the growing demand for walkable urban living. ... 'Missing Middle' Housing provides more housing choices.

This is an interesting web site

Attainable housing has a broader meaning, but it is describing roughly the same issue. America’s housing tastes are changing. We are also looking for community in a way that hasn’t been achieved well by modern suburban housing development. This return to the home and community design of previous generations is a strong and welcome trend, whether from necessity or desire.

Recently there was a meeting of the Fort Collins Futures Committee. A presentation was given that discussed these very issues. The committee is dedicated to positioning Fort Collins for continued success in the distant future. The opportunities shared in the presentation are strongly aligned with everything we are doing in Montava. I’ve picked out two interesting slides and copied them below.

The Thrive Home Builders leadership team and I are traveling to Atlanta this coming week. We will be looking at very creative approaches to this “missing” segment of housing. In communities like Serenbe, Pinewood Forrest, and Heartness, among others. We intend to find this missing middle, and bring it to life in the most awesome town in America.


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