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Water Conservation

Water conservation is a complex system of interconnected uses that include every instance of water that we touch. This includes food production, home use, irrigation for communities, the commercial and recreational uses of water and more. We are taking water conservation seriously in Montava, and one of the single biggest opportunities is the design of the community landscape and how it is irrigated.

The Front Range of Colorado is described as a “semi arid” climate that does not provide as much natural precipitation as other parts of the country. Montava will embrace this Northern Colorado climate with landscape architecture entwined with native and low-water plants and xeriscape practices. Even so, irrigation will be necessary.

The ground water in the area is plentiful and used extensively throughout Colorado to irrigate staple crops including corn, alfalfa and sugar beets. However, this water is not sufficient quality in and of itself for more traditional landscape materials in community features like parks, plazas and streetscapes. It often needs to be combined with surface water to support long-term plant health

AquaSpy Probe Monitor

In our quest for continuous innovation we are testing an approach to treat ground water with a Swiss technology from Aqua4D. This system is being used around the world to decrease the effects of salinity in the ground water, and we are anxious to see how well it works. In order to get accurate data we are also tracking critical measurements like moisture and electrical conductivity through a series of 48" deep probes placed around the property from a company called AquaSpy. This should enable a robust evaluation of the system and its effects on our own water and soil and hopefully become an effective part of a comprehensive irrigation system.

Aqua4D System

One of the primary benefits of the Aqua4D system being observed and tested around the world is a meaningful reduction of water needed to enable appropriate soil moisture and maintain proper plant growth.

We intend to create a robust non-potable irrigation system for Montava that uses a balance of technology, irrigation water sources, organic fertigation and more to support the most efficient and sustainable landscape possible. All while developing a community that is naturally beautiful for visitors and residents alike.

There’s much more to come soon! Thanks for going on the journey with us.


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