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We love farmers

We are connected with many farmers in our efforts to develop Montava. This includes Native Hill our future community farmers, Tim the generational farmer of our land that Montava will rest on soon and Anheuser Busch who does agriculture research and development.

This week I've watched these guys in action and I just wanted to say you amaze me. We absolutely LOVE farmers.

Not only do you provide the food we eat (and beer) but you are also:

  • Scientists. I am blown away when I get a glimpse into the scientific nature of farming today. From the seeds, the soils, the chemistry, the environment, the pests, the water needs its all incredibly scientific. You are scientists!

  • Mechanics. Nothing happens on a farm without something breaking. You are constantly building new things to solve problems (Nick!) or fixing things that just break from all the hard work. You are incredible mechanics

  • Problem Solvers. Y'all eat, sleep, live and breath problem solving. There's not a mountain you can't climb!

  • Conservationists/Accountants. When others say this solution will cost $10,000 you figure out how to do it for $1,000, and do it faster and better. We need more of that! That's not to mention how you manage the earth, our water and the overall environment where you make your living every day.

  • Great Neighbors. Enough said.

I just wanted to take time to thank all the incredible farmers and everyone connected with them today. For everything you do that make our lives better every day. It is an honor to know you and probably too often we don't appreciate you enough.

God bless you all!


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