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Where do we go from here?

Can you say “tectonic shift”? As we feel the ground move under our feet, many believe it will impact our expectations of community. These changes can present incredible opportunities in places like Montava, in a city like Fort Collins and in a state like Colorado. These weave together a fabric of community life that many will find refreshing, and even life changing.

For many who are being freed from the old constraints of living near where you work, communities like Fort Collins and Montava are becoming incredibly attractive and viable options for establishing a new life, raising a family and making a difference.

Here are some reasons why:

· An innovative mid-sized college town with world class people and growing opportunity. It is committed to supporting an economically diverse population.

· Set up with gigabit fiber connectivity that is incredibly affordable and enables “work at home”, while being roughly an hour away from DIA.

· A walkable/bikable community where proper infrastructure investment equals access and freedom. Maybe we can live with only one car?

· Local food production with world class organic farming right in your neighborhood sounds like a dream; here it is a reality.

· Amazing, open, diverse educational opportunities are the norm for all children. Colorado’s school system offers options few have experienced elsewhere.

· Easy access to extensive natural areas, open space, uncommon parks and amazing caring people to enjoy it all with. Here you are the same distance from the best enchiladas on earth in Santa Fe New Mexico as you are to taking pictures of Bison in Yellowstone National Park. Not to mention being at the doorstep of Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park Colorado.

· Fort Collins is a community that deeply values the conservation of our precious natural resources and innovation that supports growth opportunities while doing so. Montava embraces that commitment to both energy and water conservation which will touch the lives of all future residents in meaningful ways.

· Maybe more importantly today than ever, Fort Collins is a community that truly values diversity of thought, background and beliefs. While no place on earth is perfect, Fort Collins' people reflect an attitude of genuine kindness and respect for others that enables us to benefit from the best everyone has to offer. It is a place where people take care of each other.

Finding a home may look different for many moving forward. Consider Fort Collins Colorado, and communities like Montava. It just might become home for generations, and one that may not have been imaginable before.


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