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Where would you live?

If you could decide to live anywhere in the US, what community would you choose, and why?

Most of us live where we grew up, or where a job took us. The place we call home can define our lives, often times for generations.

Would you chose a community that is truly multi generational? Where you had an authentic balance across the generational spectrum? We need each other, across the board. I would chose that kind of community.

Would you choose a community that is innovative and valued expanding knowledge? Maybe a place that is built around a world class university? Innovation at it’s core is the positive reinforcement of ideas, and a university community is uniquely positioned to foster this. Besides, college sports are a blast!

What about a community that values locally grown clean food? When we are young this may not matter to us as much...bring on the big macs! As we age and our food choices start to impact our health, and it changes everything. Maybe we should start thinking about this sooner?

Or a place where you could walk or ride your bike to many things you enjoyed or needed? From parks to schools to the farm or the coffee shop, walking and biking are much better choices than the car. We’ve built our towns in America to depend on cars for decades. That should change.

Would you chose a community that is leading the world in conservation? From energy to water and beyond? That could be very exciting.

How about a community with world class medicine, that is the same distance from enchiladas in Santa Fe as it is from Old Faithful in Yellowstone? Where you could live on the doorstep of the Rocky Mountains, but still be in one of the most temperate climates in the country?

This place would be WAY too crowded you say? What if this town had all of these things but wasn’t so big that the congestion choked your daily life?

Welcome to Fort it home for generations!


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